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Finest tribute show EVER

George Daniel Long almost steals the night stepping into the tap dancing shoes of Mr Showbiz Sammy Davis Jr….Kevin O’Sullivan – Daily Mirror

..George Long is an uncannily convincing Sammy….Daily Mail

..George Long has the whippet lean vitality and nifty footwork of Sammy Davis to a tee….Charles Spencer – The Guardian

Rat pack is the coolest party around

..George Long as Sammy Davis Jr twinkles. Eyes, teeth and feet, they all twinkle.

Pat Lower – Plymouth Evening Herald

A celebration of wine, women and song

Three singing legends were strutting their stuff at Chichester Festival Theatre.
For more than two-and-half hours, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr indulged in some fantastic songs, some dancing and a shedload of dry wit, celebrating infidelity, drinking and the good life. Of course, it wasn’t them but the three singers playing the greats are separated by only a cigarette paper from the real thing

….it was worth it because this was one hell of a show. This was five-star entertainment, fun with a capital F and a slice of nostalgia with some of the coolest songs ever written….

…Superficially, each of the singers bore a likeness to the three real-life entertainers but what works best are the voices. Close your eyes and you really are at The Sands…..

…..George Long’s Sammy Davis is as zippy as the original, not least in the dance sequences and his reading of Mr Bojangles is heartbreaking…

Backed by a 15-piece big band of impeccable quality, a trio of girl singers and dancers and the best sound balance I have ever heard in years, this is a great, great show. Pathos and poignancy, fun and fabulous faking, this was an unforgettable step down memory lane

Mike Howard-Brighton Evening Argus

The Rat Pack

Ever since Robbie Williams decided to remodel his comeback on the music and style of Frank Sinatra last year, swing has found a new audience in Britain.

And so it was a mixed audience that flocked to St David’s Hall to enjoy a tribute to the sultans of swing – Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davies Jnr.

And what a tremendous show it was……The attention to detail also had to be applauded ….Sammy was the live wire of the act….

…..The singing was impeccable throughout the show but the chemistry between the trio was all too evident in the banter between songs. The jokes came thick and fast, especially after the interval when the threesome appeared to be a little worse for wear after knocking back a few martinis at the Sands Hotel bar.

Quite simply an evocative and rollickingly good show

Gareth Llewellyn-South Wales Argus (Newport)

Five Guys Named Moe

“…..Also immensley enjoyable was the, by turns, nerdy
and camp Four Eyed Moe (George Daniel Long), who combined
great charisma with sublime dancing….”

Hugh Harley – Derry News

Sing-a-long and join the fun

…The cast worked hard at providing a party atmosphere as well assome quality entertainment and plenty of laughs….

…..The music was fantastic with great solos by Big Moe and Four-Eyed Moe(Long) and a beautiful version of Is you is or is you aint my baby, performed by all the moes….

Unity Wroe – Brighton Argus

Rat Pack caught on the town

“….But for good measure this show throws in Sammy
Davis Jr in the shape of George Long…..Long captured the
Davis magic from the up-tempos numbers like That Old Black
Magic to Falling in Love with a simple bass-only intro.”

Philip Key – Liverpool Echo

They do it their way

Debonair hellraisers, lovable rogues, charming chancers: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr, as the Rat Pack, were all that and more.

….With its superb big band (well, reasonably-sized band), spotlight glitz, and dancing girls, even though it’s not scared subtly to cross over into more modern times, it appears to have captured the magical time in a nutshell. With a bottle of Jack Daniel’s on the piano a crucial participant in the performance, the tribute pack, who hail from different parts of England, do well to portray their heroes’ personae…

……And like Davis Jr, Long dances as well as sings….

Songwise there is a feast of classics. Bourne’s That’s Amore, Volare and When You’re Drinking were excellent, while Long’s rendition of What Kind Of Fool Am I? was simply stupendous….

Brian Donnelly – The Herald

The Rat Pack

” A triple bill that’s as good as it gets”

“George Long proves that no one was a better showbusiness
all rounder than the Davis”

Joe Riley

Hot Rat Pack let the songs do the talking

…..And to be fair
to the producers, the performers and the audience, who loved
nearly every second of it, The Rat Pack – Live From Las Vegas,
is pretty darn hot.

For energy and vitality though, the evening needed
George Long, as Sammy Davis Jr, to bounce onto the stage and
get it going. It was That Old Black Magic indeed.

Thom Dibdin – Edinburgh Evening News

Rat Pack creates nostalgia in Belfast

In this celebration of showbase greats, Frank Sinatra, Dean
Martin and Sammy Davis Jnr – impeccably performed by Louis
Hoover, Alex Bourne and George Long – the trio suggested that
you’ve either got or you haven’t got style.

….Every pack has an ace, and ace dancer and entertainer Sammy,
provided many highlights including renditions of “Mr
Bo Jangles”, and his first recording , “Hey There”,
while his days on Broadway were not forgotten with “Rhythm
Of Life” and “What Kind Of Fool Am I?”.These guys were no strangers in the night, they were old friends
to us all. Memories are made of this indeed.

Damien Murray – Irish News

The Rat Pack

…The best is yet to come. Dean gives way for Sammy, and the music reaches new heights with Mr Bojangles, one of the great songs….

…Frank misses a couple of notes,Dean’s a little stagey, but Sammy’s a revelation. Magical stuff. And if three actors singing the music can be this good, just imagine what the real thing must have been like.

Stephen Lewis – York

Pack it in pub singers

Icons of ‘cool’ Frank, Dean and Sammy have been riding a new
wave of popularity for some time. The swinging sounds of the
Rat Pack’s vocalists, once seen as purely parent territory,
now grace 20 and 30 something’s CD collections… Songs also
often murdered by the Pub Singer. But a sure cure for quieting
drunken karaokeists exists in this Rat Pack tribute concert.
Hearing Louis Hoover as Sinatra, Ales Bourne as Martin, or
George Long as Davis would make pub singers everywhere cringe
at the thought of their off-key “My Way”. In a two
hour plus set the three singers brilliantly recreated the
on-stage antics of the real ‘hip cats’ at The Sands Hotel
in 1960. All three of last night’s performers sang, danced
and joked in their individual’s styles with the on-stage ease
that only comes from hard work off it. The only bump in a
smooth evening were some sound problems in the first half.
Otherwise – to borrow a song title – this was Too Marvellous
For Words.

Nottingham Evening Post

The Leaders of the pack

At Salisbury’s City Hall and supported by an excellent 15-piece
big band, the music of Frank, Sammy and Dean was brought to
life in a wonderful two-hour set that perfectly captured the
all-singing all-dancing style from a bygone age.
All three of the singers playing each respective showman had
it off to a tee…while the vocal range of Frank and Sammy filled the
hall as the numbers were thrashed out.
The concert ended with My Way and rapturous applause. It may
not be the real thing but shows like this are special. The
tunes we heard are timeless and deserve to be performed in
the fashion we saw them and judging from the reaction and
pleasure the audience got, long may the music continue to
be heard.

Graeme Hamlett – Basingstoke Gazette

Ol’ Blue Eyes, Sammy and Deano are back …

The setting is pure showbiz glitz. The legendary Frank Sinatra,
Sammy Davis Jnr and Dean Martin are live from the Sands Hotel
in Las Vegas, where the Jack Daniels flows freely on stage
and the air is thick with cigarette smoke.
The trio impeccably recreate a bygone era, capturing
not only the unforgettable songs but also the camaraderie
and humour that typified a show.

They had the audience eating out of their hand as they went
through a full repertoire of hits

….Davis’s dancing and singing
skills were captured with Shall We Dance and Mr Bo Jangles…

Karen Evans – Blackpool Gazette

Old style sounds of natural quality

….George Long as Sammy Davis is a veteran of musicals and has
all the swing and timing to play a performer who had a lifelong
battle against racial prejudice but made his music and dancing
do the talking.
He demonstrated tap skills as well as shining on old numbers
like “That Old Black Magic”, “Mr Bojangles”,
“Hey There” and “What Kind Of Fool Am I?”….

Gordon Sampson – Halifax Evening Courier

Kings of cool recreate the glitz and hitz

…..ably supported by George Long’s uncanny impersonation
of Davis Jnr – in many ways the hardest role to pull off given
both Davis’s all-round ability and tendency to be used as
a stooge by the others.

Sarah Hughes – Manchester Evening News

It was one of the hottest tickets in town
last year …..and the latest production, playing the
Southport Theatre, demonstrated that the new show had not
lost any of its glamour or glitz.

….Long makes a fine Davis Jnr and
captures superbly the performer’s vibrant and energetic vocal
style. Particularly memorable is Long’s Mr Bojangles which
is dramatically sung in true Davis fashion.

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